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So it was August 2015 when i first heard and saw a new baby in the Southern part of Africa.Zimbabwe a country I was born and bred was the first witness of the wonder-kid, SARSYC as many would come to know the baby,it is just a nickname standing for Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference.
If I remember  well we were still discussing how the SDGs would benefit the youths of the southern hemisphere of Africa hence it went by the the theme ''Youth SRHR and the Post 2015 Agenda: A time to invest in young people to harness the demographic dividend in Southern Africa."

Harnessing the demographic dividend!!!What is that? I asked myself as these were the main words and the main phrase being used throughout the conference,I will try and talk about it in the next two or three paragraphs,taking Thailand as our case study.

Associated with a rapid decline in fertility, Thailand is experiencing major changes in its age structure. The proportion of the population aged less than 15 is declining, while the proportion in labour force and older ages is increasing. In 2009, the proportion in labour-force ages will reach a peak of 67.8 per cent and will then decline. Therefore the current demographic situation provides Thailand with the opportunity to increase economic growth, an increase often referred to as a demographic dividend. However, a demographic dividend is not automatically realized. This paper argues that Thailand needs three strategies to obtain the maximum demographic dividend: (1) increase productivity through upgrading the quality of the labour force, implementing appropriate macro-economic policies and reforming the financial system; (2) extend the period during which a potential demographic dividend is obtained by encouraging older persons to remain in the labour force; and (3) develop a regional labour market.

The final report of the Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on sexual and Reproductive Health (SARSYC) for 2015 edition is now available.

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